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The Vapor-Clean and Pediatrics

Do Activated Charcoal Filters With Pediatric Ventilator Settings Produce Clean Anesthesia Machines?

Radhamangalam J. Ramamurthi, M.D., F.R.C.A., John G. Brock-Utne, M.D., Ph.D., Christine G. Jette, M.D. Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, California, United States


Current evidence from data on animal studies suggests that to avoid triggering malignant hyperthermia in MH susceptible patients, the residual anesthetic vapor concentration must be less than 5 ppm.. Newer anesthesia machines incorporating more plastic and rubber components into their internal breathing systems which act as a volatile anesthetic sink. Recent studies show that the concentration of volatile anesthetic in anesthesia machines can remain well above the 5ppm threshold after a flush far longer than the previous 20 or 30-minute standard.

MHAUS advocates the use of commercially available activated charcoal filters as one option to provide vapor free anesthesia machine for MH susceptible patients.

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